We Have Gone Modular!

We just launched our first ever modular clinic in Nigeria! The modular clinic is an initiative to create a safe delivery environment for pregnant mothers. This is in line with our on going efforts to deliver the safest health service to these women.

The Modular Clinic, located in Nigeria’s coal city State, Enugu is a detachable Container House beautifully designed to suit our purpose. It is partitioned into sections as is in a basic maternity setting, with such sections as the delivery room, a post delivery room, a toilet/bathroom and a mini laboratory. The Container house is fitted with insulators for temperature regulation and control, the interior body and floor are laid with tiles which makes it appealing to sight and also easier to clean and disinfect. The Modular Clinic is solar powered and has a shade attached above the container which serves a dual purpose of shielding the container from the direct heat of the sun and providing extra shade around the clinic for women sitting outside. It is indeed a sight to behold.

The Modular Clinic was graciously donated to a traditional birth attendant, Mrs Anthonia Uzoigwe to help provide safe and hygienic deliveries for women within her suburban community and other underserved communities around. Mrs. Anthonia Uzoigwe, had been operating a makeshift facility in a suburb in Enugu State before our intervention. She could not hide her gratitude. According to her, it is indeed a dream come true for herself and for other women of the community. In order to help manage the clinic, we have provided trainings on customer service, financial and facility management as additional support to ensure the clinic serves its purpose optimally.

We are excited to be involved alongside our donors in this exciting story of positive change and renewed hope. Beyond the facilities intrinsic value, is the added value of creating employment for a few other women. We say a very big thank you to our highly esteemed donors. Your support and contributions has made this possible. We solicit for more of your support as we plan to make more of the Modular Clinics available to other suburban communities deserving of them. Help us keep the good work going; support us today.

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