Leadership Summit For Girls

David Oyelowo Leadership Scholarship Summit for Girls

 “You are valued, you are accepted, and you are important”, these powerful words formed part of the welcome address for the maiden edition of the David Oyelowo Leadership Scholarship Summit for Girls.

This all-expense paid summit is designed to help girls from all over the country, connect them and inspire them to do great things. Through individual work and feedback, group discussions, and thoughtful reflection, the girls spend the days of the summit challenging themselves and challenging the status quo for girls as leaders in the world. They discover the strengths that make them unique, come to an understanding of their values, and spend time learning about personal and relationship health from successful leaders who have gone ahead of them.

The summit peaks with a closing ceremony in celebration of all that the girls have accomplished during the summit and in honour of the leader they will continue to grow into. In the words of David Oyelowo, “we seek to nurture a generation of strong female trailblazers whose positive impact will be felt across Nigeria and around the world.”


Morning Hurdle

Script Writing

Leadership Panel

Health Education


Closing Ceremony