How To Apply

  • Get all your medical documents together i.e. Lab Results, X-Ray, Scans, etc, then proceed to the website.
  • Carefully fill out the online form with the correct details. Cross-check the information provided before final submission to ensure your entries are correct and complete. Incomplete or incorrect information may slow down the processing of your application.
  • Your application and attached documents will be reviewed by the medical team to determine if your medical condition qualifies for hernia surgery.
  • If your medical condition qualifies for hernia surgery, notification will be sent through a text message detailing the date for your surgery with the medical team.
  • In a situation where your medical condition doesn’t meet the criteria, a notification via text message would be sent to that effect. When this happens, there will be no need to show up to the venue on the said date, as only selected clients would be attended to.

Ensure that the phone number submitted is correct. Also, confirm that the phone has power and is open to receive text messages.

Contacts: Send text, WhatsApp messages or call:   081 3138 6375