We save and transform lives in Africa everyday!

We organize special surgical missions and run a Clinton Global Initiative program to fight anemia and help vulnerable pregnant women safely deliver healthy babies in Nigeria.

We provide scholarships that cover full tuition and medical care to young female victims of terrorism and girls from indigent families in Nigeria, who have scholarly potential. 

In terms of maternal and child health, we took up the mantle to begin immediate grassroots intervention and a long shot at the possible redemption of primary health care in underserved communities across Nigeria. The GEANCO Maternal and Infant Clinic Initiative was birthed and has since gone on to be a movement and project to be reckoned with in Nigerian states. Through this initiative, quality healthcare is being made accessible to underserved individuals who never thought it possible.

Our History

The GEANCO Foundation was established in 2005 by Dr. Godwin Onyema and his family.

While in high school in Nigeria, Godwin was inspired to dedicate his life to medicine by his loving father and a British missionary doctor who cared for his local community.

After graduating from medical school in 1974, Godwin immigrated to the United States with his new wife, Josephine (Nma). Before he left, Godwin promised to return one day to improve healthcare and save lives in his homeland.

Together, they recruited a team of brilliant passionate individuals committed to making his dream a life-saving reality.

Godwin’s second son Afam leads GEANCO full-time. Afam graduated cum laude from Harvard University and Stanford Law School. He declined lucrative corporate law offers in order to help his father achieve his lifelong dream.

Meet The Team

Obinna Okoye

Country Cordinator

Paschaline Chukwuka

Program Director

Oluebube Eze

Office Administrator/ HR Assistant

Pearl Ekwe

Partner Development Officer

Peace Agbo

Clinic Supervisor

Chisom Mmadubuike


Samuel Akametalu

Facility Maintenance Officer

Claire Chilotam

Field Officer

Adaeze Ezeh

Field Officer

Amaka Anyado

RN,RM/Associate Staff

Kingsley Odume