Capacity Development Training- Adazi, Mgbakwu and Other Communities Reap Bountifully

In August, amidst the Covid’19 lockdown, traditional birth attendants (TBAs) in Adazi, Amanuke, Anaku, Ifitedunu, Mgbakwu, Nanka, Nawfia, Nogu, Nibo, Nise, Nteje, Omor, Umunya, and Urum all in Anambra State got a generous share of our capacity development training for TBAs. A total of one hundred TBAs shared from the knowledge wells of GEANCO Foundation’s project team.

The training which started on the 10th of August lasted for three weeks, thus providing ample time to carefully teach the TBAs. Amaka A. Anyado (RN/RM), our subject matter expert painstakingly covered the syllabus of the training.

Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) are pregnancy and childbirth care providers. They provide the majority of primary maternity care in many developing countries and may function in specific communities in developed countries. In Nigeria, TBAs abound in most of our rural communities where they help pregnant women deliver their babies and also render after birth services. Their importance in our rural and underserved communities can never be overemphasized; hence we decided to beam our torchlight of support to these unsung heroines in our communities.

Fundamentals of prenatal care, vital signs, danger signs and symptoms, physical examination, infection prevention and control, proper waste disposal methods, how to calculate EDD, sterilization of birth equipment, when to call for referral, were amongst the many topics deliberated upon by our facilitator. Practical sessions were not left out as the TBAs carried out series of practical sessions and tests to demonstrate their understanding of the things learnt.

In addition to the wealth of knowledge acquired, the TBAs received training manuals and certificates. Each participating TBA was given three buckets to aid in the sterilization of their birthing instruments. Other PPEs were generously distributed to the TBAs who could not count their joys for being partakers of such a wonderful and well-thought-out program. Their many thanks to God and to the GEANCO Foundation could indeed make a mighty ocean.

Now, the TBAs in Omor and Mgbakwu can optimally perform their work having acquired relevant knowledge and skillsets even as they serve as efficient intermediaries between their communities and the formal health care centres therein. This is all thanks to our highly esteemed and indefatigable sponsors of our programs and outreaches, who keyed into our vision to better the lives of the communities around us. You too can be a part of it as you support us today.

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