The Nurse Becomes The Patient- Juliet’s Unique Story

 It is a problem when pity falls on you like rain, not just from anyone – your patients. You are a Nurse, it is your calling and you love being one. But all thanks to a ten-year-old hip fracture, you become the patient and not a caregiver. 

This is the story of Juliet who has faced untold embarrassment when her hip bones locked, mostly without notice or caution. It could lock while she worked in the operating room, while she commuted home from work or even when she was trying to look pretty in front of a prospective suitor.

Many perfect men left by like slippery eels, stern warnings from their mothers about Juliet and how she wouldn’t be able to give birth to children without CS resounding in their ears like hymns. As a singer rightly said, this is Nigeria where marriage is for the sole purpose of bearing children– more so, culture demands you listen to your mother.

Juliet’s family desired so much to help her, but raising two million Naira for the surgery could only happen through a miracle. The situation was bleak, seemingly perpetual and lingered for 10 solid years!

I believe this is why the joy that found expression in Juliet’s heart couldn’t be quantified when she had her hip replaced at no cost. Hold up! It wasn’t all rosy and smooth at first, it began with a sprinkle of doubt and scepticism.

” How could such major surgery be done for free? Are con men not at it again?” These and many more were probably the questions going through Joy’s mind when the process was initiated.

But you see, it was real. She had her surgery done, received physical therapy and gradually came around to smell the roses once more. That joy is beyond words!

Juliet’s mother was excited, probably more excited than the patient. 

As her mother, she had practically suffered the dislocation with Juliet. She worried each time Juliet’s episodes happened, her tears filled buckets each time a suitor went away. Now, her joy, like Juliet’s was complete.

Your donations brought this much joy to Juliet and her mother. We are indebted to your benevolence. Thank you.

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