Now Alfred Can Serve His Fatherland!

Alfred was going about his normal routine when he heard a crack, almost like a pop, from his waist region. Within that period, he hasn’t been carrying any loads or engaging in threatening activities, the incident was almost like a mystery. According to his dad, it was the result of a crisis arising from his presence of the double S chromosome in his genes. At 28, Alfred’s pain became great, his legs got shorter and sleep became a luxury he couldn’t afford.

On a day that started like anyone else, his father gets a text message from a friend informing him of a free hip and knee replacement surgery scheduled to hold in Awka, Anambra State sometime in November. This was good news with a dash of bad ones as Awka was 6 hours away, putting the state of the road into consideration only made matters worse.

However, his father decided against all odds to give it a chance, he had nothing more to lose anyway. So, they drive the 6 hours to be at the screening and voila! Alfred was shortlisted and had his surgery done.

Alfred’s recovery was fast as he was seen walking the hospital grounds by the second day. Indeed, his will, drive and energy are admirable. Team members were visibly impressed with Alfred’s progress as he displayed all the qualities of a fighter.

Prior to the surgery, he experienced unquantifiable pain since the morning he heard a crack while spending some time in Ghana. In his words, “The pain was much. There are positions I can’t take while sleeping, my leg was getting shorter and shorter.”.

Alfred hopes to “do all the things he couldn’t do while the hip disease was there”. He will also break his dependence on pain killers and all the medications for managing the condition.

Mr Adie, Alfred’s dad expressed his relief and gratitude. He called the medical mission – “a God sent investment”. “We would have spent 7 million going to the UK or India. And end up in so much debt – but we got it all for free here.”

Now Alfred can go about his normal life and resume duties as an architect. Or as more succinctly hinted by his dad, he would now enrol for the one-year national youth service scheme. So we bid Alfred, not just a good career time, but a great national service year!

Your generous donations made it possible for Alfred to receive a new hip. We give our heartfelt gratitude to you, our esteemed donor.

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