Say Hello to our Interns!

The GEANCO internship program was formalized in May. Prior to this, three interns had been working with the missions under an informal arrangement. Our field staff found it a necessary form to increase efficiency on the field. This May however, the arrangement received an official approval. The internship program was launched with a project planning training for the first crop of informal and the new set of recruited interns. It was a rewarding experience for both the Mission and the interns.

We present a brief on the interns. The new interns have since been deployed to serve in the safe mama delivery program and have joined in the smartphone distribution project of the David Oyelowo leadership scholarship program. They have also acquired valuable project management and office productivity skills,


A bold and outspoken lady, Cristabel has served GEANCO Missions on the field in the Safe Mama Kit Program, TBA program, medical missions, and the COVID’19 training & PPE distribution. She alongside Chiemerie and Amaka had been working with the Mission before the internship program was formalized. Trained as an accountant, Cristable brings a wide range of analytic skills on her projects. She found the cost analysis component of the training most engaging.


An accountant by training. Chiemerie has an eye for numbers. She particularly enjoyed the cost analysis component of project planning. Her services for GEANCO missions has included accounts preparation and book keeping, logistics planning and project monitoring. The last training on project planning has further sharpened her skills.


The wholeheartedness with which ‘Nurse Amaka’ as she is fondly called serves the maternities and primary healthcare centers under the health facility projects endears her to many a mother and user of the facilities. Her humane carriage and value for each individual make her the best fit for community level projects. The training in project planning has further equipped her to understand not just the execution stage of projects, but the pen on paper, metre rule and protractor stage.


A jovial girl, Claire has a sense of purpose and a heart for people. She was raised in a middle class metropolis of Enugu. The Geanco internship program has equipped her with project planning skills which she is now using on Geanco missions programs.


Ebube had just written her degree exams, so she came home, not knowing exactly what to do with those free times that will become her daily dose. Little did she know that GEANCO Foundation’s Internship program for girls will come in handy for her. It was a cocktail of productive engagement, career & personal development, skill building and social work.

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