A Gift of Knowledge – The New Library at BrightLand Academy

In the heart of our mission to empower young vulnerable girls through quality education and all round development, another remarkable milestone worth sharing has been achieved. The David Oyelowo Scholarship Program for Girls proudly announces a significant addition to one of our partner schools, BrightLand Academy, Enugu. We believe it to be a beacon of knowledge that will make the path to even greater opportunities brighter: a brand-new library!

They say education is the cornerstone of empowerment, and a library is its sacred sanctuary. It is a place where young minds embark on journeys of discovery, mind renewal and reformation. It is a section where young minds get to explore real and imaginary worlds, where they nurture the flames of curiosity. Our partnership with this school has always been rooted in the belief that access to quality education can transform lives, and this library is another step towards realizing that vision.

We are immensely grateful to International Thriller Writers, they made this dream a reality. With more than 5,000 members in 49 countries, representing over 3.2 billion book sales, ITW is the world’s leading organization for thriller writers. ITW helps authors hone their craft, learn about the business aspects of publishing, and helps connect writers with readers.

Their commitment to education and their belief in the potential of young adults have brought forth a gift that will keep on giving. The new library will not just be a physical space; it will serve as a haven of possibilities. With a treasure trove of books, from timeless classics to modern masterpieces, from scientific journals to literary works, our scholars and the students of BrightLand Academy will have access to the knowledge that will empower them to dream bigger, aim higher, and rewrite the stories of their lives.

Thank you, International Thriller Writers! We look forward to the countless stories of discovery and growth that will unfold within the walls of this new library. To catch up on all the fun highlights and official commissioning of the library, click here

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