Transforming Harsh Realities Through Scholarships- Our 2019 Story

During the screening exercise for the 2019 Enugu and Ibadan David Oyelowo Leadership Scholarship for indigent girls, one thing that was common among most of the participants aside from brilliance was poverty.

Girl after girl, the screening team could see homes without proper toilets and baths, cramped living space, poor lighting and everything that shouldn’t be. Living in such a tough condition was almost impossible, but these girls were doing the best they could. It would have been less painful if the girls live in a world where they have to compete with people of the same status, but the world available had competitors enjoying better living spaces and more robust education.
This was a vicious cycle of poverty and the typical reality of the girl is:

 Intellectual capacity: Brilliant
 Home Space: No personal space
 Toilets and Bathroom: None, shared, or bush method  where there was risk of snakes
 Schooling: Poor infrastructure, inadequate teachers, no confidence, timidity
 Economic future: Salesgirl, bottom poor
 Social future: drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, rape, untapped potentials

However, a ray of hope shined for the girls, a lifeline for social mobility that was almost like a miracle. The GEANCO facilitated David Oyelowo Leadership Scholarship for indigent girls came in handy and the girl began her journey out of poverty. She can now access quality education and be better positioned to compete in the ever-changing global economic landscape.

We can begin to write a new profile for the girl:
 Intellectual capacity: Brilliant, trained, skilled, compelling
 Schooling: Great infrastructure, competent teachers, leadership skills, confidence, gracefulness
 Economic future: boundless
 Social future: elite

A single good is done which births an unending opportunity stream. We may see that one scholarship have as well shunted one more teenage pregnancy statistic. Yes! Teenage pregnancy happens most in these low-income families – which always come with little education. Lack of privilege comes with lots of children: drug abuse, rape and sex trafficking.
A single girl child given the education chance is a girl helped out of poverty, sexual abuse, and a short lifespan. Nothing gives us joy more than this. That girl has a better life.
You make the GEANCO story possible through your support. You raise girls out of poverty and abuse. You are the GEANCO story! We join our deep gratitude together to all partners who step out from their office spaces to lend the poor girl a lifting hand.

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