Highlighting  the Role of our Modular Clinics

Our medical missions usually aim to provide quality healthcare to those living in suburban areas, especially the underserved. Following inception and establishment, our modular clinics have expanded their services to offer even more value to patients and families within the communities, before and after the medical missions.

Our modular clinics stand out as a beacon of hope and lifeline for communities, proof that quality healthcare can be accessed despite location or socio-economic status. Its innovative approach and use of modular technology have enabled it to deliver efficient, cost-effective, and accessible healthcare services to some of the most remote and underserved areas. Also, this facilitated the vital role played in ensuring that the medical missions were successful. These clinics represent the true spirit of humanitarianism, and their result serves as a shining example of how a dedicated team can make a real difference in the lives of the underserved.

Pre Medical Missions

  1. Patient Sourcing

Our modular clinics are located within suburban communities where there are persons who live with medical conditions that can be resolved by a surgical procedure; hence the clinics’ assistance in facilitating patient recruitment. After calls for interested patients were sent out, the clinics bridged the gap to a greater number of underserved patients by disseminating the information to the target population. Through the use of traditional media like fliers, announcements, and word of mouth, news about our surgical missions was able to reach suitable patients in remote areas.

  • Electronic Patient Record System (EPRS)

Recall that in line with one of the five legs of the modular clinic initiative which borders across observing good management protocols, our EPRS was developed.

 Beyond sourcing ideal patients for the medical missions, the clinics also served as focal points for online registration using the EPRS and inquiries. This action made it easier for a higher faction of the target audience to be reached with lesser resources.

Proper utilization of the EPRS by the clinics made the following possible:-

  1. Online registration
  2. Review of applicants
  3. Virtual selection of patients

Post Medical Missions

  1. Telemedicine

Through telemedicine, the clinics established clear lines of communication between them (the caregivers), the surgical team, and the patient after the surgery. This ensured that all parties were informed of the patient’s progress and any issues that arose. By utilizing telemedicine technology, surgeons were able to stay in constant communication with the patient, even if they were not physically present in the same location. This allowed for more efficient and effective post-surgery care, as they were able to quickly address any concerns or complications that arose.

  • Follow-up Care

Our clinics served as vital centres for post-operative care for a significant number of patients who underwent surgery. Clear communication and coordination with the surgical team allowed them to provide a range of services to these patients following their procedures. These services were designed to support the recovery process and ensure that patients received the care and attention they needed to heal properly. Some of the services include:-

  1. Pain management
  2. Right medication
  3. Education on the recovery process
  4. Vital signs monitoring
  5. Proper wound care

Overall, our modular clinics have made a significant impact in providing healthcare services and were essential in providing valuable healthcare to a population that may have otherwise been neglected. It played an important role in the mission’s success and is an inspiration; a testament to the positive impact that can be achieved when we work together to improve the health of communities.  Through their partnership, there is palpable evidence of an increase in value, and an efficient hybrid of approved maternal and infant health practice and culturally accepted traditional birth practice.

We cannot say it has been all roses and sunflowers, but, our partners, coupled with our resilience and determination to offer quality healthcare services to the underserved served and still serves as the fuel that would push this initiative to its zenith.

In the coming months, we look forward to breaking more ground and positioning the clinics to offer better healthcare to a greater number of underserved women in Nigeria.

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