GEANCO Foundation Begins Free Mama Kit Distribution

It always gladdens the heart of a mother when she is being delivered of her child and both remain safe and healthy. Safe and successful child deliveries can always be achieved when caregivers saddled with the responsibility, are adequately equipped with such tools as they may require to efficiently discharge their duties.

Hence, the distribution of safe delivery kits, aka Mama Kits by the GEANCO Foundation to pregnant women. Thus far, it has been tremendously rewarding and a huge success.

We are so glad that expectant mothers visiting these hospitals can be rest assured of safe deliveries with the free GEANCO sterilized mama kits provided. Our medical team has employed adequate measures to ensure the kits are freely given to them as when due.

This program was born out of the resolve by the Foundation and our well-meaning supporters to ensure that maternal deaths and child mortality caused by the use of inadequate and poorly sterilized kits are reduced to the barest minimum, if not entirely eliminated. You too can join us by donating to this noble cause.

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