Enugu Modular Project- So Far So Good!

Remember our Modular Clinic? Yes! The detachable container now fashioned into a beautiful and well-furnished clinic, donated to a traditional birth attendant to provide a haven for pregnant women during deliveries in the Coal City State of Enugu, Nigeria. We are glad to say the facility is indeed coming up nicely and has gained widespread publicity which we believe will eventually result in grand patronage by the underserved members of the community and beyond.

Naturally, managing a facility of such magnitude may seem overwhelming to our recipient TBA Mrs Anothia Uzoigwe, who is only but an old widow. Hence our project team has decided to offer her help and support to ensure the clinic functions optimally to its maximum capacity without hitches. So we are providing the facility with administrative support such as developing operational guidelines, maintenance guidelines, production of registration forms, referral forms and others as may be required. We are also training a team of staff to help her run the facility.

In addition, we understand that TBA services have their limitations, so we’ve set up an effective and efficient referral system. The facility is working in collaboration and partnership with health professionals such as Doctors, trained midwives and lab scientists who would be called upon to handle emergency and complicated cases. We are also looking forward to incorporating the idea of telemedicine into the facility as some of our overseas doctors have indicated an interest in reviewing the activities of the modular clinic.

So far, it has been a rewarding experience and our beneficiary TBA Mrs Anthonia Uzoigwe is so much overwhelmed with gratitude for the progress made in the facility. To be honest, all efforts and inputs we have made in this project thus far are made possible by our ever willing supporters and donors. We immensely thank you and appreciate all that you do. We ask that you keep supporting us.

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