COVID19 Response: Training and PPE Distribution

The Corona Virus Disease has continued; with a broad spectrum impact on the globe. The economic downturn, new social paradigms, and work ethics have followed in response to the pandemic. Countries are still working hard to contain the situation. And lots of speculation are in the air about how the post-covid world will look like.

The forecast for Africa was that the virus will do huge damage, considering the inadequate state of health care in most of the continent. Our response to this forecast was to do the bit we can to help Nigeria keep ahead of the virus. Throughout April and May, we distributed personal protective equipment to clinics, maternities, traditional birth attendants and healthcare workers in Enugu and Anambra States of Nigeria.

It wasn’t just distribution, but a detailed COVID’19 response training for the health workers involved. It was quite an insightful time for the beneficiaries and a fulfilling venture for our staff and sponsors. The project was done in three (3) phases spanning three (3) towns, six (6) clinics and two hundred and ten (210) healthcare workers and independent TBAs. We are glad to be a source of hope in these gloomy times. All thanks to you for your continued support.

Areas reached:


1) Nchatancha Nike TBA and healthcare workers block

2)Annunciation Specialist Hospital

3) Redeemers Hospital

4) Mother of Christ


1) Awka TBA and healthcare workers block

2)Life Hospital

3)Apex Hospital

4) Beacon Hospital


1) Umunya TBA and healthcare workers block.

Materials Shared

1) Hand gloves

2) Nose masks

3) Hand Sanitizers

4) Antiseptics

5) Wash buckets

Beneficiary Testimonials

…My mouth is filled with joy…With these things they have given us, by His grace we will use them to reach the less privileged … and help them in this COVID19 era.

– MD, Redeemers Hospital. Enugu

...Thank you for this good gesture…It takes sincere love for an institute like yours to think about us and visit us in this manner. You have given us the encouragement to continue to fight this Corona virus.

– MD, Mother of Christ Hospital , Enugu.

Thank you GEANCO … we look forward to having more things to do with you in the future.

– Manager, Life Hospital , Awka

I want to thank GEANCO Foundation for this donation that will help this hospital to maintain safety guidelines in this COVID19 period.

– MD, Apex Hospital , Awka

… I am sure you know these things are costly these days… [and] you are bringing them in so much quantities that we won’t even have the need to buy another one until the end of this COVID19…

MD, Beacon Hospital, Awka

…We value all the materials [and] consumables given to us, and we promise that we’ll make good use of them to the benefit of all our patients…

MD, Annunciation Hospital, Enugu

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