Baby Chisom Says Hello!

Every Thursday, the pregnant women gather at the lounge of Julia Burke Maternity for their antenatal visits. We all know what happens when two or more women come together: the noise, the shades, the laughter, the gossip, and everything in between. There is always that group whose words will resound all over the place in a bid to garner attention. Then, there is the group that seldom seem interested in whatever anyone had to say as they were always in a hurry to get their drugs and face other activities.

Among all the pregnant women, it is always easy to spot Mrs Okereke. From the time she walks in with her friend Ogochukwu, the whole area acknowledges their presence. The bants they throw around could hardly be missed as anyone could be hit, the jokes they crack while teachings are ongoing somehow helps the lessons stick in a way. They steal the show on every antenatal visit and it was always fun to watch.

This is why we were all surprised when Mrs Okereke stepped in recently and the ground did not shake, there was no rumble or bants, she simply greeted everyone quietly and settled in her seat. Fearing the worst, her folder was quickly reviewed and a closer look showed she was close to delivery. Coupled with her routine check, her birth preparedness was assessed and enhanced, she was good to go.

This was her first pregnancy, one her husband didn’t want to joke with in any way. She made it known during one of her visits that he insisted she went somewhere better to get adequate care and avoid stories that touch. He was skeptical about the facility because it was a new establishment. However, his wife was the stubborn kind and she did her best to convince him otherwise, using her friends who had successfully given birth at JBM as landmarks.

When Ogochukwu, her closest friend, successfully delivered a live baby boy at JBM, Mrs Okereke’s husband was all smiles and finally allowed his wife to carry on with her antenatal visits.

On a windy Tuesday night, just a few days after her last antenatal visit, she walked into JBM, her husband following closely with her bag.

First-time couples are always funny, the fear on their faces could almost be touched if you tried hard enough. In their mind, a thousand and one things could go wrong, but Mrs Uzoigwe swung into action and reassured both patient and husband immediately.

 A few minutes later, Mrs Okereke was led into the delivery room and after what seemed like a second, the cry of her beautiful baby girl rent the air.

Presently, mother and child are in perfect health and deeply grateful to The GEANCO Foundation for the love, care, and unquantifiable support that was given all through the pregnancy up until delivery.

The birth of a child is always like a miracle, the ease with which the pain associated with birthing disappears once the baby takes her first gulp of oxygen should be studied in a school. Miracles like this and more can be made possible if you step in and join us. There is so much we can achieve when we all take this as our fight.

Support The GEANCO Foundation today and smile with us as Baby Chisom says hello!

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