All There is To Know About The TBA Support Program

Held Event – The TBA Support Program

It displeased our field staff in Enugu (Nigeria) to know that many pregnant mothers still left the primary health centre we had equipped, for the homes of traditional birth attendants. We had done much to reposition the health centre, yet some women wouldn’t go there.

So, our staff began to think about how best to help the situation. We could let the sleeping dog lie – whoever goes to the TBAs signed her own death warrant. Or we could reposition the TBAs – harness the existing system for the overall good.

A community health intervention program (CHIP) was birthed when it was decided that TBAs should be repositioned to offer better care. Over six months of planning and preparation went in. And out came, the first edition of the TBA support program. Fifteen traditional birth attendants gathered in the quiet city centre of Enugu to receive two-day training from the GEANCO Foundation staff. 

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